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Technical Visits / Open Ship - HYDRO 2016


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HYDRO 2016 Technical Visits / Open Ship

This Website is for the IFHS Hydro conference 2016. The next conference will take place 30 October – 02 November 2018 in Sidney, Australia. Please see www.hydro18.ahs.asn.au for details.

In addition to the paper presentations, exhibition, workshops and equipment demonstrations it was planned to have two vessels open to visit during HYDRO 2016. Unfortunately one of the vessels, DENEB, was called to an emergency survey one day before it was scheduled to open for HYDRO 2016.

Tuesday, 8 Nov 2016
11:00–15:00 Open Ship NOORTRUCK (offshore support vessel)
Wednesday, 9 Nov 2016
09:00–13:00 Open Ship DENEB (BSH research/survey vessel)
09:00–18:00 Open Ship NOORTRUCK (offshore support vessel)
Thursday, 10 Nov 2016
11:00–15:00 Open Ship NOORTRUCK (offshore support vessel)
Location: opposite river bank, North of Warnemünde Cruise Centre.
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