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HYDRO 2016 On-Water Equipment Demos

This Website is for the IFHS Hydro conference 2016. The next conference will take place 30 October – 02 November 2018 in Sidney, Australia. Please see for details.

In addition to the paper presentations and workshops delegates could participate in a range of optional equipment demonstrations.

As the conference venue was situated directly at a marina and close to the Warnemünde cruise terminal and vessel traffic station, there were on-water demos of vessels and equipment. So attendees could learn about the new development of sensors, transducers, sonar and multi-beam equipment during the seminars and workshops – and see them working as well! It has been exciting to take part in hydrographic surveys being done with state of the art equipment at the occasion of this conference and saw how the sea floor was looking like around the conference venue!


General Demo Hours (see also Conference Programme)
Day Tuesday
8 Nov 2016
9 Nov 2016
10 Nov 2016
Hours 11:00 – 15:00 13:30 – 18:00 10:45 – 15:00
Company (A–Z)Equipment Location
ATLAS Elektronik "SeaCat" Hybrid AUV System onshore
(Tue 13:00–15:00, Wed 14:00–16:00)
EdgeTech "6205" Combined Bathymetry & Side Scan Sonar navy boat "B-83"
emma technologies Survey boat and equipment
NORBIT iWMBS multi-beam sonar
survey boat "emma"
Geometius USV "Z-Boat"
CEE ECHO single beam echosounder
HÜLSKENS Wasserbau Survey boat and equipment survey boat "Groma V"
INNOMAR "SES-2000 quattro" multi-transducer SBP survey boat "Deipkieker"
(Tue, Wed, Thr / ~11:00–15:00)
INNOMAR "SES-2000 medium-100" sub-bottom profiler (SBP) navy boat "B-83"
(Tuesday 11:00–15:00)
Kongsberg Maritime "EM 2040 P" portable multi-beam echo-sounder
"EA 440" single-beam echosounder / sidescan
survey vessel "Baltic"
Nicola Engineering Survey boat and equipment survey boat "Mercator"
NORBIT / emma iWMBS integrated wide-band multi-beam sonar system survey boat "emma"
NORTEK / terra4
R2Sonic / Nautilus "SONIC 2026" multi-beam echo-sounder survey boat "Nicola Mercator"
Renishaw / MBT "Merlin" LiDAR mapping system survey boat "Hülskens Groma V"
SBG Systems / MBT "Apogee" inertial navigation system survey boat "Hülskens Groma V"
Teledyne RESON / MBT RESON "SeaBat T50-P" multi-beam sonar survey boat "Hülskens Groma V"
QPS QINSy, Qimera different vessels:
"Groma V", "Mercator", "Baltic"
Some of these companies also gave user workshops / seminars.