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HYDRO 2016 Conference Programme

This Website is for the IFHS Hydro conference 2016. The next conference will take place 30 October – 02 November 2018 in Sidney, Australia. Please see for details.

The HYDRO conferences are acknowledged as important forum for innovative ideas and exploring emerging technologies, applications and practical experiences within all sectors of hydrography. The HYDRO 2016 Conference Programme featured a total of more than 50 presentations in the conference auditorium together with a range of optional workshops, demonstrations and technical visits.

Note, the conference programme below shows not all authors, but the intended presenter only.
The abstract and a full list of authors is shown if you click on the paper number. If available, the full conference paper and/or presentation in PDF format can be accessed from the paper's abstract.

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Monday, 7 Nov 2016

14:00 Registration open
19:00 Icebreaker Reception (Exhibition area; free attendance for delegates and exhibitors, please pre-book tickets during registration)
Notes: For additional information see also Social Programme.

Tuesday, 8 Nov 2016

Time Auditorium A Auditorium B
08:30 Registration & Exhibition open / Coffee & Tea
  Opening Ceremony  
09:00 Holger Klindt, Rob van Ree: DHyG / IFHS Opening Addresses  
09:20 Mathias Jonas, Robert Ward: BSH / IHB Welcome Addresses  
09:45 [K1] Peter Ehlers: Ocean governance and hydrography  
10:05 [K2] John Huges Clarke: Future perspectives on multibeam backscatter and seabed classification  
10:30 Exhibition Opening Ceremony / Coffee & Tea
  Session 1A: Perspectives of Hydrography Boat Demos & Workshops
11:10 [1A1] Robert Ward: General future perspectives of the IHO  
11:35 [1A2] Mathias Jonas: The provision of hydrographic services as core element of E-navigation – status and perspective  
12:00 [1A3] Don Ventura: Intelligent exploitation of the blue economy – a hydrographic perspective  
12:25 Lunch / Exhibition
  Session 2A: Student Session Boat Demos & Workshops
13:30 [2A1] Jean-Guy Nistad: Backscatter adjustment for multi-sector multi-swath multibeam echo sounders  
13:55 [2A2] Mark Gray: RapidCast: Analysis of spatio-temporal variability in high resolution speed of sound measurements  
14:20 [2A3] Arne Lohrberg: Analysis of gas seep activity in Eckernförde Bay and assessment of its linkage to pockmarks and sub-bottom strata  
14:45 [2A4] Geraud Naankeu Wati: Error budget analysis for hydrographic survey systems; implementation on an inspection campaign of pipelines by an AUV  
15:10 Coffee & Tea / Exhibition
  Session 3A: Emerging topics in multibeam echosounding and surveying Session 3B: Software & Data Management
15:50 [3A1] Jonathan Beaudoin: Transitioning research to operations: The case of wobble analysis [3B1] Charles de Jongh: Using CARIS to automate bathymetric data management at Rijkswaterstaat
16:15 [3A2] Rozaimi Che Hasan: Determining number of classes for sediment classification from multibeam backscatter images [3B2] Morten Revsbæk: Semi-automatic generation of depth curves and sounding selection
16:40 [3A3] Auke van der Werf: Maximising business value from offshore survey data in the oil and gas industry [3B3] Mark Terlien: Managing hydrographic data for multiple usage
17:05 [3A4] Marco Filippone: Multibeam water column imaging for charting least depth value [3B4] Derrick R. Peyton: Marine cadastre as an application of MSDI
17:30 End of sessions
20:00 Conference Dinner (EUR 80.00 per head, tickets are strictly limited and have to be pre-booked; shuttle service will be provided)
Notes: Exhibition open 08:30–18:00. For additional programme info see also Workshops, Demos and Social Programme.
11:00–15:00 Open Ship (location: opposite river bank, North of Warnemünde Cruise Centre).

Wednesday, 9 Nov 2016

Time Auditorium A Auditorium B
08:30 Registration & Exhibition open / Coffee & Tea
  Session 4A: In-situ and remote hydrography Session 4B: Improving nautical information
09:00 [4A1] Ingo Hennings: Comparison and characteristics of oceanographic in situ measurements and simulations above submerged sand waves in a tidal inlet [4B1] Tom De Puyt: Enabling hydrographic offices to support new markets with S-57 datasets
09:25 [4A2] Sandra Gaytán Aguilar: Tidal correction and height referencing for bathymetric survey data [4B2] Benjamin Hell: Finalising Baltic Sea surveys for the needs of shipping
09:50 [4A3] Fabian Wolk: Quantifying turbulence in tidal channels [4B3] Gunter Liebsch: Recent developments for an improved chart datum in the Baltic Sea
10:15 Coffee & Tea / Exhibition
  Session 5A: Space hydrography Session 5B: Nautical charting
10:45 [5A1] Stefan Wiehle: The BASE-platform project: Deriving the bathymetry from combined satellite data [5B1] Justin Hornby: Integration of bathymetric data management and chart production using dKart tools
11:10 [5A2] Knut Hartmann: Satellite based bathymetry and seafloor mapping for the shallow water zone: Recent advances and applications [5B2] Niels Horneburg: ENC and ECDIS
11:35 [5A3] Pau Gallés: Global bathymetry from satellite altimeter sensor [5B3] Kevin J. Ingram: Charts on demand: A potential new revenue stream for hydrographic agencies
12:00 [5A4] Andrey L. Pleskachevsky: Sea state from high resolution satellite-borne synthetic aperture radar imagery  
12:25 Lunch / Exhibition
  Session 6A: Energiewende – Challenges in the wind offshore business Boat Demos & Workshops
13:30 [6A1] Marc Itgen: Use of a GNSS RTK-system in a North Sea offshore wind farm  
13:55 [6A2] Oliver Anders: The challenge of choosing the right method surveying power cables  
14:20 [6A3] Jens Wunderlich: Burial depth determination of cables using acoustics – requirements, issues and strategies  
14:45 [6A4] David Rose: Offshore unexploded ordnance recovery and disposal  
15:10 Coffee & Tea / Exhibition
  Session 7A: LiDAR case studies for hydrographic assessments Boat Demos & Workshops
15:50 [7A1] Markus Aufleger: High resolution, topobathymetric LiDAR coastal zone characterisation in Denmark  
16:15 [7A2] Patrick Westfeld: Analysis and modelling of the effect of wave patterns on refraction in airborne LiDAR bathymetry  
16:40 [7A3] Wilfried Ellmer: Use of laser bathymetry at the German Baltic Sea coast  
17:05 [7A4] Lutz Christiansen: New techniques in capturing and modelling of morphological data  
17:30 [7A5] Hugh Parker: Object detection by ALB  
17:55 End of sessions
19:00 Flying Buffet Reception (Sun Deck; free attendance for delegates and exhibitors, please pre-book tickets during registration)
Notes: Exhibition open 08:30–18:00. For additional programme info see also Workshops, Demos and Social Programme.
09:00–18:00 Open Ship (location: opposite river bank, North of Warnemünde Cruise Centre)
13:30–18:00 free access to exhibition for guests

Thursday, 10 Nov 2016

Time Auditorium A Auditorium B
08:30 Registration & Exhibition open / Coffee & Tea
  Session 8A: State-of-the-art GNSS techniques Session 8B: Education
09:00 [8A1] Hans Visser: Fugro Marinestar G4+ GNSS PPP-RTK improvements for offshore applications [8B1] Jan Appelman: Changing market requirements for competence and certification for the hydrographic surveyor
09:25 [8A2] Faisal Alsaaq: Analysis of filtering methods to extract the tide height from Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) observations [8B2] Nicolas Seube: Standards of competence – new developments and demands
09:50 [8A3] Thomas Artz: Improved positioning of surveying vessels on inland waterways with HydrOs [8B3] Standards of competence – plenum discussion
10:15 Coffee & Tea / Exhibition
  Session 9A: Hydrography in extreme environments Boat Demos & Workshops
10:45 [9A1] Melanie Barth: The search of MH370  
11:10 [9A2] Natália Hurtós: Forward looking sonar mosaicing: A new approach for underwater inspection in low visibility conditions  
11:35 [9A3] Max Abildgaard: Simulation based design & development of autonomous underwater vehicle IMGAM  
12:00 [9A4] Wilhelm Weinrebe: Multibeam mapping of remote fjords in Southeast-Greenland  
12:25 Lunch / Exhibition
  Session 10A: Nautical depth Boat Demos & Workshops
13:30 [10A1] Norbert Greiser: Safe navigation in fluid mud – surveying criteria to assess nautical depth  
13:55 [10A2] Pieter de Boer: Provide end users with the most accurate nautical depth measurement by using the combination of echo sounders and density measurement equipment  
14:20 End of session
  Closing Ceremony  
14:45 Holger Klindt, Rob van Ree: Closing Remarks  
15:15 End of HYDRO 2016
Notes: Exhibition open 08:30–14:30. For additional programme info see also Workshops and Demos.
11:00–14:30 Open Ship (location: opposite river bank, North of Warnemünde Cruise Centre).


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