HYDRO 2016 Paper 5B1

Integration of bathymetric data management and chart production using dKart tools

Justin Hornby, John K. Klippen


With the surge of modern bathymetric data acquisition technologies during the last few decades it has become a challenging task for national hydrographic offices to store, validate and prepare an ever growing volume of bathymetric information to be used in final products.

This paper highlights dKart Office suite solution of this problem with emphasis in dKart Bathy Manager, a software solution that Jeppesen has recently added to his dKart Office suite. It introduces the concept of seamless continuous bathymetric surface, making it possible to verify, combine and deconflict individual survey models in a flexible manner into more complex continuous models which are then processed into bathymetric products.

dKart Bathy Manager is a database-driven solution allowing for the storage and management of bathymetric data; it supports the bathymetric workflow from import of survey data to the generation and maintenance of continuous bathymetric models.

The paper also describes how Bathy Manager can be used as stand-alone solution, but is also dynamically integrated with other dKart Office suite tools for the compilation and validation of National ENCs and Paper Charts products.