HYDRO 2016 Paper 5A2

Satellite based bathymetry and seafloor mapping for the shallow-water zone: Recent advances and applications

Knut Hartmann, Thomas Heege, Magnus Wettle, Julian Wenzel


Satellite Derived Bathymetry (SDB) and seafloor habitat mappings from multispectral satellite or airborne imagery play an increasing role to fill information gaps for the shallow-water and near-shore zones. In the last years, both, a significant progress in algorithm and process developments, and the utilisation of satellite mapping services in commercial applications has been done. Satellite Derived Bathymetry and seafloor mapping has proofed to support various data demands, such as rapid bathymetric data provision to aid navigation in uncharted waters, high-resolution mapping for charting or large-scale mapping for environmental and coastal zone management. The acceptance as mature technology and beneficial "mapping tool" for the shallow-water zones significantly increased with a clear understanding of both, capabilities and limitations, and thus established quality assurance processes, service readiness and common standards.

This presentation will focus on recent advances on the reduction and quantification of uncertainties. Real-world application examples will address the implementation of Satellite Derived Bathymetry and seafloor mapping for coastal planning, charting, reconnaissance mapping and seafloor classification.

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