HYDRO 2016 Paper 2A4

Error budget analysis for hydrographic survey systems – Implementation on an inspection campaign of pipelines by an AUV

Gerard Naankeu Wati


To install the subsea infrastructures (pipelines, subsea wells, etc.) necessary for the development of hydrocarbon resources, TOTAL regularly contracts several hydrographic survey companies. These companies mainly use two types of systems: surface and underwater survey systems. The error budget estimation allows to identify all the parameters which affect the acquired data quality and to check if the measurement uncertainty of the sounding position meets minimum standards proposed by the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO). This work gives an in-depth analysis on the error budget estimation of surface and underwater survey systems describing briefly the state-of-the-art of these systems and proposing an estimation method of error budget of these systems. This work also contributes improving bathymetric sounding position equations and demonstrating the yaw misalignment influence between the inertial sensors (IMU, etc).

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