HYDRO 2016 Paper 1A3

Intelligent exploitation of the Blue Economy – A hydrographic perspective

Don Ventura


How does one intelligently exploit the Blue Economy to benefit one's nation, one's company, one's agency, or oneself? From a hydrographic perspective, economic benefits derived through maritime trade are only really benefits when they arrive on land: at market. The success of vessel trade relies upon safe navigation and sustainable, resilient shore-side infrastructure. Not for the first time is it therefore emphasised that the land-sea interface is a critical component of any successful interaction between the Blue Economy and the terrestrial market which it serves. Land and sea data supporting the maritime activity upon which a Blue Economy is built have however, up until very recently, always been dealt with as separate entities, by separate agencies and industries, on distinct geodetic reference frames.

This paper will emphasise the importance of a holistic capture of marine and terrestrial terrain and the important additional data layers necessary to support successful, enduring maritime trade. A multi-faceted approach to data collection can be conducted to create a homogenous data set which can be exploited by a greater number of stakeholders than can the mere sum of the component marine and terrestrial parts. These stakeholders include not only the traditional end data users but an increasing number of marginal stakeholder entities and other data managers.

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