HYDRO 2016 Paper 1A2

The provision of hydrographic services as core element of e-navigation – Status and perspective

Gilles Bessero, Mathias Jonas, Julia Powell


The further improvement of the universal hydrographic data model S-100 forms the basis of the current technical standardisation activities of the International Hydrographic Organisation. S-100 specifies, for hydrographic and related information, the methods and tools for data management, processing, analysing, accessing, presenting and transferring such data in digital/electronic form between different users, systems and locations. Those features form the basis for all aspects of information handling envisioned under the e-navigation concept of the IMO. The submission reports on the latest development of the S-100 framework, the scope of derived data products and describes the purpose and contents of the interoperability specification. Special attention is put on the flag ship project S-101 Next Generation Electronic Navigational Chart (ENC). The related synopsis comes with a time line for the regular provision and use of such data sets. The transfer of the S-100 concept to other scientific domains is demonstrated for meteorological data (sea ice).

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