HYDRO 2016 Paper 1A1

General future perspectives of the IHO

Robert Ward


Robert Ward, Secretary-General of the International Hydrographic Organization, will provide an overview of current and future priorities of the IHO. He will describe the ongoing work and impact of the IHO Universal Data Model – S-100, which will eventually replace S-57 as the key hydrographic and maritime geospatial data transfer standard that is also underpinning the International Maritime Organization's e-navigation concept.

He will describe the work being undertaken to implement an IHO global crowd-sourced bathymetry programme aimed at gathering hydrographic information for those parts of the world's seas, oceans and coastal areas that are currently unsurveyed or inadequately surveyed.

He will comment on the development of spatial data infrastructures at the regional and the global level – and the consequent need for national hydrographic offices to transition from their traditional nautical chart-based focus to organisations that have a marine spatial data infrastructure focus that provides access to the underlying national hydrographic data set.

He will describe the IHO Capacity Building programme, the ongoing work in revising the international standards of competence for hydrographic surveyors, and the opportunity for industry to participate and provide feedback to all aspects of the work of the IHO.

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